Episode #026 Healing in Forgiveness

It’s not always easy to forgive; but it will always bring healing when we do. Dave Willis said, “Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free.” In this audio podcast, Bonnie and I discuss ways to help us release forgiveness.

Episode #25: The Dangers of Gossip

Probably one of the most destructive habits to our relationships is the temptation of gossip. Gossip has ruined friendships, marriages, congregations,  businesses and relationships on teams. In this audio podcast we give 4 ways to avoid gossip.

Episode #24: How to Survive a Really Bad Day

Bad days will come. Some days are really bad days. Bonnie and I discuss how David survived one of the worst days in his life. You can read in 1 Samuel Chapter 30. We highlight some key things that will help you focus in order to navigate through your bad days.

Episode #023: How to Find Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. Certain things in life can bring us temporary happiness. But how do we find true happiness when things are not going well? Bonnie and I discuss how the truths found in Psalm 37:3-5 can bring us happiness.

Episode #22: Covering People in Prayer

It is so important for you to cover the people in your life. It is something God expects us to do. As Christ’s-Followers it is our responsibility to pray for people. We leave people “uncovered”, exposed when we are not praying for them. Bonnie and I discuss details about prayer versus criticizing, staying hurt, upset and even angry. Your prayers will make a huge difference in the people in your life.

Episode #21: Don’t Leave Your Peeps Uncovered

Our prayers bring a covering of protection, strength and success to the people in our lives.  Bonnie and I discuss the interesting characteristics of God and satan from Job 1:7-10. “Don’t Leave Your Peeps Uncovered” is about covering the people in your life through prayer.


Episode #020: Waiting in God’s Presence

There are so many incredible benefits by “Waiting in God’s Presence”. Bonnie and I bring attention to Biblical Truth and practical application to waiting in God’s presence.

Episode #019: How to know you are pursuing a God Dream

Pursuing the right dream is so critical for your life. You can waste a lot time, energy and money pursuing the wrong dreams. Four tests to know if you are pursuing a God Dream.

Episode #018: How to Have Great Vision for Your Life

In this audio podcast we discuss two important foundational principles that help you achieve  great vision for your life. Clarity of vision improves your life on every level. In order to arrive at the right destinations in your life, you must have good vision.

Episode #017: Words of Life

Bonnie and I discuss the most impactful source in our life is God’s Word. His Word has produced so much life in our daily lives. God’s Word has incredible power to bring change and transformation. The key is to find ways to apply His Word in our everyday life. Believing God’s Word is only the first step. Where His Word is most impactful is when we apply it to every area of our life.

For more thoughts on the power of God’s word, read this blog post Only One Word Has This Much Power“.