The Power of You

The Power of YOU. God has given you the ability to influence the people in your life. Your voice, opinions, and choices matter. You can make a difference. This is a video session created for our Newspring U department to help encourage and equip our ministry teams and leaders.

1 Timothy 4:11-16

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  1. “My house shall be called a house of prayer” Luke 19:46
    My family has been part of your church for one year.

    We need a corporate prayer meeting in weekly basis.
    Pray through the Scripture(1Tim 2:1) and pray in the spirit(speaking in tongues). Everybody is different. But, We all have received same Holy Spirit Baptism. We all have same mind of Christ! Love one another, Pray for America and our president through Jesus unconditional love.

    I pray we will be able to have a corporate prayer meeting in Jesus Name! Corporate Jesus Love!

    Everybody is di

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